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Free Software Alliance
Commemorate Banana Union Day

The "Free Software Alliance" (FSA) is an imaginary organisation, created by Arlene McCarthy (MEP, UK Labour) in August 2003 for the purpose of press briefings. The FSA is a mirror of the BSA: it fights aggressively and intrusively for the right of its members to free-ride on other people's intellectual property. The FSA supports a caricature of the positions of the FFII (Foundation for a Free Information Infrastructure) and the Eurolinux Alliance. Unlike FFII, Eurolinux and BSA, the FSA consists only of computer rights campaigners, and enjoys no support among commercial software producers.
Arlene McCarthy has been referring to the FSA in several papers which she has been sending to journalists starting in late August and persisting at least until mid september 2003, in spite of widely circulating papers pointing out that this organisation is imaginary.
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