EU Patent Politics from Yesterday to the Early Days

How the Patent System became a Test Case for European Democracy
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The astonishing career of the patent system from Europe-wide judicial bans on specific methods of organisation and calculation back to the royal tax monopolies.

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To get an overview of the history of European patent politics and specifically the struggle about software patents, check out the following links

*Software Patents in Europe: A Short Overview:
In 20 minutes you can learn what is going on in the fight about software patents in Brussels. Most of the complexities of the debate arise from a few simple parameters. When you have learnt these, you can hopefully feel confident to write well-informed articles about a fascinating political drama with far-reaching implications.
*Future Developments concerning Software Patents:
What will happen next in with Regard to Software Patents, in particular the EU directive project? What is up in India, Australia? at WIPO, WSIS? FFII & friends try to keep this page up to date.
*Software Patent News:
Latest developments related to the struggle about software patents in Europe and surrounding subjects, linked to dossiers and tutorials provided by FFII and a community of wiki editors.
*Software Patents: News Sources and Discussion Rounds:
How the patent system evolved, expanded and how theories of its limits evolved and were codified.
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