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WebDemo Against Software Patents
Commemorate Banana Union Day

The economic policy speaker of the Austrian People's Party and of the European People's Party in the European Parliament, MEP Othmar Karas, wrote a letter to responsible members of the Austrian government two weeks before these "instructions" came out, in which he explained why the European Patent Office's practise is an unacceptable model and asked the ministery to follow the decision of the European Parliament. As of 2004/05/05 (when the "instructions" came out), there had been no response.
see also http://demo.ffii.de/

The FFII has organized online demonstrations against software patents in 2003 and will need to organise them again in 2004. We want you to replace the title page of your project's site with a protest page against software patents (for examples see below) during 2004/04/09-15, 2004/05/09-15 and 2004/06/09-13. If you don't want to block access to your site you can for example put a small link on the protest page as seen in one of the examples.

With software patents many sites running/serving possibly patent infringing software have to go offline sooner or later. So why not demonstrate this effect before it's too late?

It might be a good idea to include a link to the Petition and Call for Action in your demo web page, so that we can use the opportunity to increase the number of supporters. Much of the basic introductory information could be on your site, so as to avoid overloading of ffii.org. Feel free to copy the title page of swpat.ffii.org onto your demo page or to mirror the site or part of it, if you like.

?!?Prepare a simple introductory page on software patents to put on each site that participates.
We don't want masses of people to be redirected immediately to an ffii site. It is better if most of the explaining is done on the original site and only some optional links go out.
?!?Organise the Netstrike through the FFII Participation System
see Participation System

Wikis are not really effective for this task. Let people register in the ffii supporter database, so that there is always an upto date list of participating pages whose participants can be alerted.

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