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Conference Brussels 2005-06-01

The FFII, the CCIA and a group of Members of the European Parliament from the European People's Party (EPP) organised an exciting conference in the Parliament and at the Renaissance Hotel in Brussels on Wednesday 1st of June 2005. The conference was followed by a number of related events the next day. On this page we will continue to document the event and prepare for a follow-up event on Wednesday June 29th.

News after the Conference

2005-06-14Jerzy Buzek MEP: Report of the June 1st Conference on Patent Policy Making
2005-06-05Brian Kahin's presentation: Drawing the Line(s)
2005-06-05Luc Soete's presentation: On the Economics of CII
2005-06-05Yannis Skulikaris' presentation: The European Patent Office
2005-06-05Birgitte Andersen's presentation: The Productive Potential of Software Patents? (related paper)
2005-06-05Andreas Müglich's presentation: Enterprise interests and the effects of patents (related paper)
2005-06-05Yannis Skulikaris' presentation: The European Patent Office
2005-06-05Kaj Arnö's presentation: Software Patents Considered Detrimental to Innovation and European Competitiveness
2005-06-05Slawomir Kosz: position paper of Polski Rynek Oprogramowania (PRO)
2005-06-05Reiner Bakels' presentation: Patent Law - A Balancing Act
2005-06-05Maria Alessandra Rossi's presentation: Software patents: a few comments on the current debate (related paper)
2005-06-02Hartmut Pilch's presentation: Ten Core Clarifications
2005-06-02Conference Notes


Overview: Gaining Perspective on the Software Patent Directive

With the Commission's recent refusal to reconsider its proposal for a directive "on the patentability of computer-implemented inventions" members of the new European Parliament are confronted with an extraordinarily controversial and complex issue with little guidance from the Commission.

The directive was originally presented as a narrow harmonization measure, but the debate that has developed since reflects the enormous stakes for software developers and users - and for how information and knowledge processes are regulated and supported.

This conference will examine software patents and the proposed Directive from a range of perspectives:

Two afternoon panels will look at the issue from the perspective of individual companies and interest groups. A final panel will look at the legislation, with attention to both general principles of patent law policy and to individual provisions and amendments.

Events Thursday

The conference will be followed by more patent-related events:

More information

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