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WIPO 2004-05-10..4 Geneva Patent Policy Session
Commemorate Banana Union Day

The World Intellectual Property Organisation's Standing Committee on Patent Law is meeting in Geneva for a week to work on the draft Substantive Patent Law Treaty. This treaty aims to mandate worldwide unlimited patentability while imposing strict limitations on patent quality. Not all governments are happy with this attempt at bypassing democracy in areas where fundamental freedoms are concerned. WIPO should act as a standardising agency and not as a world legislator on substantive patent law. FFII plans to spread the word in Geneva and in the participating countries. We will be one of very few NGOs who are not pushing for extension of right-holder interests.
If you have any questions concerning the wipo project, please do not hesitate to contact user wipo-help on machine ffii org.

?!?Contact WIPO to accredit FFII
see also akred
?!?Prepare materials
These should be useful for participating delegations. They include

Analysis of SPLT

  • Analysis and classifciation of EPO software patents
  • Proposals for standards that can be useful for cooperation in classifying patents without the implication that any such patents must be valid in any particular country.
  • Information about the European traditional approach to the technical invention and its reconfirmation by the European Parliament
  • Information about the WSIS summit.
  • Simple awareness-raising leaflets
  • name cards, [...]
?!?Contact Participants of the session
Find out who will participate, exchange ideas on what we can contribute.

Some governmental officials may be quite happy to accept our help in developping their approaches.

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